At Gambit, we’re a friendly team of research mathematicians, computer scientists, and trading analysts. We were established in 2005, and since then we’ve developed and grown an advanced research and trading platform. This allows our clients to find and execute the best prices available.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation in technology drives our business. We continuously research and develop sophisticated tools and use them to build systems for data analysis and market trading. Our core platform is mostly written in Python, C++, and Erlang, but we use a wide range of languages. We pride ourselves on finding the right tool for each job. Gambit believes in open source software and our system is built on open source wherever possible.

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Statistical Analysis

Statistics is at the heart of Gambit Research. Our Quant team uses a wide array of tools, including Jupyter, Spark, Pandas, and Pytorch. Their role in the business is to analyse large datasets and offer statistical consultancy to our clients.

Gambit Culture

The environment at Gambit is relaxed and informal. We work in small multi-discipline teams, combining a range of skills and experiences, to tackle hard problems. We’ve created a flat organisational structure based on collaboration and team work. This gives everyone the opportunity to be directly involved in making important decisions, and frees the team from the burden of internal politics. We don’t believe in meaningless job titles and hierarchy for the sake of it. We’re more interested in developing and growing people in areas they’re interested in, and that are also good for the business. And most importantly, we have fun while we work.

You can read more about what life at Gambit is like, here.

Job Vacancies

Gambit has ambitious growth plans, and we’re always looking for clever people to join our team. We hire people who have a deep understanding of computers, a talent for mathematical and logical thought, and a passion for learning.

Working here means solving interesting and complex problems in a constantly evolving industry. We believe that talent and hard work should be rewarded, so we offer generous salaries, a discretionary bonus, competitive benefits, and a genuinely great working environment. If this sounds like your kind of place, have a go at our online challenge, or drop us an email.

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