What it's like to work here


We’re particularly proud of our culture at Gambit. We have a relaxed environment, with genuinely flexible hours. We don’t micromanage our staff, but instead treat people like adults and trust them to deliver high quality work, offering help and guidance where needed.

We’re a small enough business to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and office politics. If you have a good idea, we want to hear it. There aren’t layers of hierarchy above you, but you will find other, like minded people, with expertise and knowledge, happy to share information and advice, to help you grow professionally. We focus on career development and growth through skills acquisition, rather than through arbitrary job titles. Everyone is treated equally at Gambit.

Social Life at Gambit

We’re not just all work, work, work at Gambit, we believe that healthy teams also have fun together. For this reason we like to socialise and have a number of “clubs” or groups that you can join (or not-join) as suits your preference. These include:

  • Board Games Club
  • Poker nights
  • Lunch time walks and picnics
  • Film Club
  • Group cycle rides
  • Steak and tofu nights

We also have Mattermost chat channels to share photos of our pets, to use the office 3D printer, chat about vegan food (there are a few vegans among us), or just to talk about what’s in the news. Work comes first, but we realise that you can’t be chained to code constantly.

About us

We’re unashamedly geeky, and welcome people from any background to join our diverse, curious, and eclectic team. The most important thing is that you love tech. Here are some stats about our Developer team, to entice you:

  • 73% run their own website
  • have an average of 5.2 GitHub projects each
  • maintain a very popular python package
  • include a core PyPy developer
  • 14% have connected their standing desk to the office network

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