Recruitment and Selection Process at Gambit

If you’ve submitted your CV to us, then you should go through the below recruitment process. There may be times when we need to adjust the process slightly, depending on factors like interviewer availability, how easy is it for you to get to the office, or the nature of the role you’re applying for. In these cases we’ll keep you updated of the next stages of the process, as appropriate.

Equal Opportunities

We will endeavour to be objective and fair in our assessment of all candidates. Furthermore we will not knowingly illegally discriminate against any candidate, employee (prospective, current, or past), or any other individual or organisation. This includes, but isn’t limited to, not discriminating against people on the basis of sex, pregnancy, marital status, gender reassignment, sexual preference, age, nationality, race or ethnicity, for having a disability, or for religion or belief.

Recruitment Process

Once we’ve received your CV, either directly from you or from a recruitment agent or staff referrer, we’ll follow the below process:

  1. CV screening – one of our team will look at your CV to see if your skills and experience match any of our open roles
  2. technical test – depending on the role you’re being put forward for, we’ll send you a technical test to do, and then review your results
  3. online or phone interview – depending on the role you’re being put forward for, you may either be asked to take part in an online coding exercise with one of our team, or we may do a phone interview with you
  4. office interview – our office interviews consist of 3 stages (usually all done on the same day). You’ll have a non-technical interview, normally with HR, to chat about your career aspirations, and learn about you as a human being. Then you’ll have two rounds of technical meetings. We try to give all interviewees a tour of the office too
  5. getting a decision – After your interview, we’ll have a debrief with all your interviews, and chat about how you did. We aim to give you a decision (either directly or via your recruitment agent), as soon as possible. Where we’re seeing a number of other candidates for the same role, this may not be immediately, but in such cases, we’ll keep you posted of any delays.

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